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    welcome to Huayun textile official website!

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    International supplier of functional special yarnFocus on the development and production of special yarns.
    Counseling hotline:0534-6028781

    New fiber fabrics

    Functional Fiber Fabrics

    Natural Fiber Fabrics

    • Research and analysis of customer samples
      According to customer needs
    • Purchase of high standard raw material for cotton yarn
      Complete standard of raw material for cotton yarns
    • More than 5 years of spinning technical engineer proofing
    • Set of yarn testing equipment
      Scientific and complete testing of yarn quality

    Counseling hotline:0534-6028781立即咨詢

    It integrates spinning, weaving and production.Reduce your purchasing cost from source
    Huayun Textile-follow-up services are in place to ensure the interests of customers in all directions
    I chose to cooperate with Huayun Textile because it is a standard for the quality of the home textile industry
    Huayun's 10 years of focus on functional cotton yarns gives us more rest assured choices

    About us

    Dezhou Huayun Textile Science&Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Dezhou Economic Development Zone. It is a management-oriented, scientific research-oriented textile enterprise. The company specializes in the production and the export of various functional fiber yarns, fabrics, home textiles and garments....

    What is the process of combed 
    The production method of cotton yarn is relatively complicated. As usual, there are currently two methods of spinning, namely carded spinning and combed spinning.  ...
    How to deal with the broken en
    Since Siro-spun cotton yarn is fed into the spun yarn drafting area by two strips with a certain spacing, they are drawn separately and twisted into yarn. There is a...
    What is the principle of compa